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am in Somerset, NJ for Monday. I will be in New York City on Tuesday and Wednesday. With a smile, I will greet you at the door,
You will realize that my intentions are pure!
It doesn't matter if you're outgoing or demure,
My first hug should make you feel very secure!

My pictures may have been a part of my allure,
But it's my energy that attracted you for sure!
You may be my first client of the day or number 4,
You'll get the same effort & attention as everyone before!

My work's done on a bed, wouldn't be the same on a table or the floor,
Therapy can be provided on any surfacee, this I can ensure!
My magical hands will take away every ache & every sore,
My reiki energy will heal internally, even for things that have no cure!

It doesn't matter which masseur you have went to before,
In any & every session, no one else will give you any more!
Don't waste your time and your money anymore,
Come find out all the wonders I have in storeI am a yogi with 20 years of massaging skills. Yes, I started unofficially at the age of 14. I was trained in 1998 in India on how to teach yoga and also how to give Swedish massages. I have a very thorough technique that is unique in many ways, because I have incorporated other massage modalities. I use my hands, arms, chin, shin, knees, & feet. I can to work the kinks out of your body. I also learned how to channel and share the wonderful gift of reiki energy over 10 years ago now. I provide reiki healing to the front of your body; this invigorates, heals and makes your body feel great. I also give a stress-relieving full head to the soles of the feet massage on the back side of your body. All of your aches and pains will be worked out by my work. Every part of your body will feel fresh, alive, and healed. I pride myself in doing the best work possible and I have not disappointed a client, unless I didn't fulfill a fantasy of theirs. If you give me a chance to do a male massage (m4m) or a female massage (m4w) on you, you will definitely be hooked for life. The only reasons you would use another person for a massage is if our schedules don't match up, you don't want to pay for my reasonable rates for all the work that I do, and our locations can't match up. I am always in tune with a clients body, I can pick up things and know how to go about doing my healing work. I'm quite perceptive and smart, BUT the reiki energy is far more powerful & intelligent! I take pride in being considered the BEST masseur in every city that I have established clients in. I travel extensively for the healing that is necessary, everywhere! I am sharing great health and vitality! I understand that there is a certain desire for the way that I look, BUT that's not what I'm selling. I'm a very easy going person & am friends with a majority of my clients. I don't care about what you look like on the outside; all I care about is your soul. I have clients from both sexes; they are straight, gay, and/or bisexual! Nothing superficial matters to me! From birth, I've had the desire to heal everything. Over the years, I've sought for many different forms of healing; so far, reiki has proven to be the greatest of healing powers! If one needs to know my orientation, it is heterosexual. But, I consider myself omniamorous! Omniamorous means one who loves all! If you want the most thorough session available on the market, from a wonderful, loving, healing person, please feel free to email, call, or text me.


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