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believe the relationship between the body and mind is important for preserving optimal health and wellness. Whether we experience physical or emotional injury, the trauma can manifest in specific points in the body. Injury can cause various forms of pain and discomfort, limit range of motion, and ultimately throw us out of balance. I have a comprehensive understanding of body psychology. The relationship between the body and mind is of upmost importance. I can bring awareness to your body by helping you return to balance. My techniques vary. I employ many modalities in order to accomplish my goals. I believe in breaking down various scar tissue buildup and blockages. My favorite type of modality is deep tissue. I enjoy longer sessions. To me massage is not a luxury but a way of life. I try to get a massage at least once every two weeks. I love what I do. It continues to bring me joy even after all these years. Please feel free to contact me with questions or to set up an appointment. Please check out my website link below for more information.

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