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ey guys! I'm a 38 year old friendly college educated jock (triathlete, bodybuilder, wrestler and Tough Mudder finisher) My full time jobs are construction work, as well as being an artist (pianist, songwriter and oil painter...)
This is great because it leaves my schedule very flexible and accommodating. I have a hard jock body (8% body fat) and am very enthusiastic about providing m4m sensual stress-relieving gay massage to fit men. I am also the owner of a private clean space with private off street parking spot (minutes from Saint Elizabeth's Hospital) (Also very T accessible minutes from Sutherland Road) ... No attitude, easy-going, and just interested in providing male to make massage... I like to text with people for a while before meeting (if possible) to get an idea of what kind of massage will make them happiest. Besides just providing a great old-fashioned rub-down, I am open to suggestions and willing to share my experience and techniques.

Email him now or call (617) 909-9344