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onor your body and surrender all stress and anxiety with a healing massage. I offer a wonderful flowing massage in the Swedish style. With my strong hands and a nurturing touch, you will melt on the heated table into a state of deep peaceful bliss. I use organic coconut oil, which nourishes and rejuvenates your skin as I work deeper into your muscles.

The most rewarding part of my work is the opportunity to genuinely connect with other men, gay or straight. I love helping them reconnect with their bodies, and return to their lives feeling more grounded, peaceful, and in tune with their spirits.

My rate is $140 for 80 minutes, which I find to be an ideal time for a nice relaxed session. Longer appointments are available upon request. I work from a beautiful, private and serene studio, centrally located in the Ashbury Heights neighborhood of San Francisco, with street parking and convenient access to public transit.

For days when you are in need of a bit more nurturing, I also offer a spa session which, in addition to the massage, includes a hot bath with salts and essential oils. Listen to beautiful music as the soak warms and relaxes all your muscles, allowing for deeper, more effective work in the massage.

Call 415-347-6846, or email philippe@evergrove.com to inquire or set up an appointment. Please include your preferred day and time. Since my schedule varies by week, I’ve put up this availability calendar to help with making appointments: bit. ly/ 1jDyyi9

Th ank you for reading. I would be honored to give you the quality TLC you deserve!

Email him now or call (415) 347-6846