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nergetically drained? Is your body locked up? Do you feel ungrounded and all over the map?

I offer a very different massage experience. I will unlock your muscles, aches and pains while realigning your aura field. The energy of the aura is what manifests your physicality. As I massage your body I not only focus on the physical body but I also work in realigning and reorganizing the energy in the aura that is manifests issues in the body. By taking a 2 prone attack the muscles release and relax into healthy muscle and healthier aura field. Yeah, I know you are thinking, "This guy is out there!" I may be but my massages are beyond awesome. You will leave in a totally different mind and body set.

I am a licensed Massage Therapist and a Reiki Master Practitioner. I work out of my home studio which has a private entrance.

I have totally refocused how I do massage with the addition of this energy work. When you leave you will feel grounded with a very different state of mind. I believe my energy work is so focused and in-tune is due to my blindness. I see and feel things in a very different perspective than other therapists.

Take the time to give yourself a gift you will not forget or regret.

Texting me is the fastest way to contact me. Emails will take longer to get a response , but I will answer them when I get them.

All for the highest good.


Email him now or call (302) 604-1233