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'm offering one hour massages for $80 - Now through November 8th! Because we all seriously need to relax before this election is over!

I offer an antidote…

The effects start just after you step through my front door. That's when you'll notice your awareness of the outside world slowly slipping away, it's weighty burdens lifting from you leaving you feeling much lighter. It’s an antidote for the unpleasant side effects of life. And,most of us are desperate for it.

We put top priority on work and other daily obligations. By the end of the day we feel robbed of any time and energy left for ourselves. We feel trapped but continue this pattern. We aren’t designed to live a life that feels like an endurance test. These side effects interfere with our ability to maintain good health, and weaken our immune system. Anxiety and stress etch lines into our face, and speed up the aging process.

Commonly the side effects are felt but we can’t actually pinpoint what’s wrong. Have you ever just had a vague idea that while you don’t actually feel sick, you should probably feel better than you do?

My massage and bodywork experience is delicious medicine! It’s a highly effective antidote to life’s side effects. The effects are immediate. I provide a tranquil, upscale environment and a high level of privacy. Here your body will be refurbished. Muscles can be soothed, relaxed, and lengthened. Your range of motion can be broadened, and a sense of fluidity and ease restored to your body.

The healing extends beyond your physical body and boosts your vitality. Because when your body feels healthy, you're once again capable of focusing on life and getting back on your “A” game!

When you are ready, call me.

That’s when I’ll go to work!

Your particular reasons for finding a massage therapist are personal, and your needs are unique. Therefore I need to connect with you, learn what you need, and then provide it. That happens best in a friendly, non-rushed atmosphere (which means you always get the full session time you request, and quite often sessions last longer!).

*Certi fied Massage Therapist *Knowledgeable

*Heated Massage Table From Heaven

*Hygenic & Clean *Upscale, private location

*Repeat Client Rates *Shower available

* Swedish
* Deep Tissue
* Temple Style Lomi Lomi (Hawaiian Shamanistic Bodywork)
* Trigger Point
* Reflexology
* Sports Massage
* Aromatherapy
* Lymphatic Drainage
* Myofascial Release

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