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reat yourself to a profoundly relaxing experience with a 4-hand massage today. We are Nic and Nico and are here to offer you an escape from the ordinary into pure bliss. If you've never experienced a 4-hand massage before, it is more than just a regular massage with an extra pair of hands. Weaving in and out of synchronicity with each other, we create a unique sensorial experience for the body and mind, promoting deeper states of healing and relaxation.

We are both highly trained and have crafted a 4-hand session that will aim to surpass your expectations, our sessions are constructed to have a flow and rhythm that prior 4-hand clients have described as being "above and beyond" other 4-hand sessions they've had with other practitioners.

Ses sions are a blend of traditional and Thai massage techniques, and can be catered to your specific preferences. We are also both trained and experienced in energy healing work (Reiki, Pranic Healing, Jin Shin Jyutsu, etc) if you would like that incorporated for even deeper experiences.

We are looking forward to providing you an experience you will always remember!

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