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am a very sensual and tender man. Natural intuition and artistry play a big roll in my bodywork sessions. I have been doing this for 5 years and have many returning clients. I am very keen on mapping out what it is you want and reaching your needs within the session. I have a passion for male body work and anything involving the body. My rhythm is unlike any other. I can use any pressure desired but especially know how to get those deep spots and to stop once I pick up on any body language or cues that may indicate pain or tenderness. My services include deep tissue, free form , head, foot, hand, neck or full body. I work with several pressure points to relieve large amounts of tension. Appearance wise, I maintain high standards of hygiene on both myself and work space. Very well groomed and showered before appointments. I am also tattooed and have a few ear piercings, have medium toned build, go to the gym 3-4 times a week. Shower is available after or before if necessary. As well as water or anything else you may need to feel more at home. Music station of your choice, or we can plug your playlist in to the speakers. The room is decorated with a lot of my own artwork, it is colorful and inviting, have dimmed colored lighting for the nighttime clients. I do all massages on either my Thai Floor mats or a soft comfy bed , for me it is just a lot easier with the kind of bodywork I do and others enjoy it a lot as well. Please contact me with a text message, I will respond promptly that way.

Email him now or call (708) 955-4094