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f you're looking for a quality therapeutic experience where just the right touch elicits relaxation rather than pain and tension, then you may want to consider one of my soothing swedish massages.

My massage is calm, low-key, and incorporates firm but gentle strokes; it is not a 'frantic' knot-busting, pain inducing deep tissue, or hard pressure style session, but instead I use light-to-medium pressure with long fluid effleurage techniques for total relaxation. As one of my regular client's states, it's their favorite "chill" massage. If this sounds appealing then contact me and let's get you on my table!

Professional Table w/warmer
Clean Fresh Sheets
Top Grade Non-Scented Lotion
Relaxing Private Environment
Shower Available

I have a full-time career in healthcare and I only book a few massage sessions on the side as a part time hobby and I don't always advertise or take new clients.

--In-calls only.

--Available Weekdays after 6p and Weekends after 10a.

--Text or Email is preferred.

--Please be patient for my responses; I am not always immediately available.

**Discount: Write a 'Testimonial' and I will discount $20 from your next massage.

Email him now or call (469) 249-2865