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I am Brody Lombardo, an experienced and intuitive Licensed Massage Therapist in the State of Texas.

My massage services provide the perfect experience of therapeutic techniques flowing with soothing hypnotic touch. I work to improve your flexibility, and specialize in removing energy blockages. Put yourself on my magical table, enjoy, and leave restored and ready to return to peak performance.

I do not watch the clock and my sessions are a flat fee. Come when you have time to relax. Sessions last between 90 minutes and 2 hours for only $100. Come be pampered and you will be amazed.

My studio is comforting, peaceful, safe, and all body types are welcome!! Please call me directly at 281-758-9001.

A full, garden tub, as well as, shower facilities are available to leave you feeling fresh and like a new person after the session. So please, when you are ready to come in for a combination of stress-melting techniques from around the world, call me at 281-758-9001. My expertise will take away the tension from your tight muscles and joints, and may help with circulation. I am a man's man that enjoys my profession, and would love to genuinely make you feel better about yourself. All body types are welcome on my table, so don't be shy. My priority is making you feel relaxed enough to release the stored up tension that can become a habit such as tight shoulders, clenched jaw, etc.

I look forward to meeting you soon. Call or text me at 281-758-9001. My name is Brody Lombardo.

I've specialized in the Gay community for over ten years. Males and Females are welcome. I do not allow reviews for maximum privacy. Thank you for allowing me to provide you a unique massage experience. I am conveniently located between the beltway and 1960, just off I-45N.

Call or text him at