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re You looking for an BODY MASSAGE

My Master Skills and Big Hands are trained to keep your energy flowing .......my best skills are my combination of massages for all your body and relaxing you .. and opening you to your full potential in life

I open your energy fields with my hands... while doing different body styles and 20 body therapy style massages

I will relax you with a
-- A "natural massage for men" - it's healing and relaxing .and more natural

-- A calming environment using a room at a comfortable temperature, soft tribal music, candles, and a shower over looking the ocean

-- Large strong hands.

-- A combination of massage lotion and oil, just enough to leave you relaxed and refreshed while letting all your tensions go

I use a wide range of pressure, and work with many techniques throughout the massage. I do more than just rub; I will stretch and bend you, and take the range of muscular motion to its limits.

FREE GUEST PARKING....Gay, Straight, Bi all welcome

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