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strive to make sure you and I both enjoy the experience. I take pride in putting a smile on the gay community's face and being able to be a source of understanding to all. This message is very important, in my opinion the initial contact between the two persons can instil an aura that can be used to intensify the experience. We can parlay or we can party! I love to talk and engage in conversation of any kind. Don't be shy around me I'm here to make sure your needs are met and love being that man for a man. My drive is to be the masseuse and friend who is there when you need him. Meeting new persons from all walks of life is something I always look forward to. To provide an excepting environment and a sense of security and ability to put down your walls is what I always look forward to and I look forward to enjoying our time together. I can't wait to serve so please give me holler and a review! May troubles stray your path.

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