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ello there,

TREAT YOURSELF to a super relaxing and sensual massage, to let go your tension, problems and stress and continue your day fully relaxed and with a smile in your face.

Name: Luca, yes I'm Italian..

I offer soothing and calming sensual massage. Combine most of techniques deep to soft touch tailored to your desires. I incorporate stretching as well as target pressure points to release all your tension. My hands and used of body weight will deliver an experience that you will not forget.

+++++ Basic RATES +++++

Incall 60 Mins = 100
Incall 90 Mins = 160

Outcall 60 Mins = 140
Outcall 90 Mins = 200


Incall 60 Mins = 140
Incall 90 Mins = 200

Outcall 60 Mins = 180
Outcall 90 Mins = 240



- Based on hygiene and sanitary reasons all clients are required to come showered or a shower will be provided (shower time takes off massage time)

- Persons with a skin conditions MUST disclose their condition prior to the appointment (people with rashes, open wounds won't be attended also for hygiene and sanitary reasons)

- Based on the nature of the massage and the movements and stretches performed, the client must be in a good physical shape (this doesn't mean you have to be hot, or muscular, EVERYONE is welcome)

Feel free to contact me with any questions, via text or call (text preferred) : 305-699-5046

Email him now or call (305) 699-5046