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Sweet Relief!
Get First-Hand Relief!

You will breathe a deep sigh of relief within the first moment. Within the first touches. You'll feel this overwhelming sensation of relaxation! Knowing you can simply let yourself go. Loose yourself completely. Let yourself melt into the massage, melt into the moment, melt into my hands, and sigh "Ahhh"...

As you sigh, you intuitively sense that it's okay to allow yourself to sink even deeper. Let yourself completely surrender. Let your body surrender. Let your mind surrender. Let your thoughts drift into oblivion...

And entrust me to give you the very best care...
And entrust me to give you the very best massage...

You know your every comfort is being attended to. You sense the kindness. You hear the thoughtfulness. You feel the nurturing. As the massage becomes more and more soothing to your body, and ultimately stilling to your mind; you will want for absolutely nothing.

Seamlessl y, I work from muscle to muscle, connecting each to your whole-beingness. You feel this sense of integration, this sense of gratefulness welling within your body, in your mind, and in your spirit.

You have the passing thought that you're so glad you gave yourself this gift. Mindfully fulfilling your need for a human connection. Healingly fulfilling your need for a man's touch.

You feel the Weight-of-the-World lifted from your shoulders. You feel your limbs supported through slow comfortable streches! You feel your range-of-motion increase, and your tension decrease. You feel the stress of the day float away...

You feel as if you never want this sweet moment to end.

Then later, after the session, you'll feel that this was so worth it. And that you are so worth it. And you are!
Especially to me.

Get First-Hand Relief!
Call me today.

Deep-Tissue, Trigger Point, Swedish, Sports, and Thai Massage

Same-day last-minute appts available
9AM- 9PM (or later with advance notice)

in the MISSION
1 min from 101
10 min walk from 24th St BART
(available for SF & SFO outcalls)

Joe Anthony CMT
415 359 7990
Please Call.

You'll be relieved you did.

But don't take my word for it.
Read the reviews in the Testimonial tab
to get a "first-hand" opinion, so-to-speak

I welcome all body-types, all ages, gay, straight, bi, trans... That includes every body and everybody.

I hope to hear from you soon.

(You will also find Joe Anthony listed in massseurfinder.com under relax.)

Email him now or call (415) 359-7990