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I want to provide you with a feeling of tranquilty and relief through customizing your session to fit your needs through all aspects. You can choose to have candle lighting and also music of your choice. I provide the tabel, linens, and massage lotion. Sessions available range from 30-120 minutes. I will work with you to create a plan to help guide you towards a more healthier fit lifestyle. Withing your session I can suggest a daily stretch routine(s) and provide you with the best therapy I can possible to help you progress in your journey.

I offer many modalities of massage such as:

-Swedish (Relaxation)
-Deep Tissue
-Trigger Point
-NeuroMuscual Therapy
- Craniosacr al
- MyoFacial
-Pre Natal SportsStretchingIf you want to give yourself what you really deserve, then add on one of the following services for ONLY $10.00*****
Sugar Scrub

If you are anything like myself then you do everythign for everyone else. Take some time out and treat yourself by contacting me and confirming your session. Look forward to working with you.

Email him now or call (773) 510-4882