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but in our busy, day-to-day lives
we're most often focused
outside of ourselves.

We give our best energies,
often going above and beyond,
to our professions and to
those we care about.

But somehow our own
emotional needs and
self nourishment
get lost in the process.

In my professional role as a
licensed massage therapist,
in the safety and privacy
of my Casselberry area studio,
I intuitively weave slow and easy
light touch massage techniques,
with heart-centered hugs and holding,
to create a very healing and relaxing session.

My caring hands provide nurturing respectful touch,
as I gently invite you to come back to yourself,
and feel whole again.

Whether you identify as
a gay, bi or evolving man,
it's my intention that this M4M work
reaffirms your presence, power,
and value.

Email him now or call (407) 310-8598