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ow excited are you? I know I am!

You are already half way to having a wonderful heading intimate male experience with one of the most respected members of the male massage brotherhood.

Now take the full moment in your hands to feel what a giant man can do for you.

6'6" 265lbs, bodybuilder and comic book nerd, big strong hands and the hours of practice to Master level.
51" chest, 20 arms, 36 waist, gay and still able to make straight men and bi men feel at ease with my touch.

When you choose me, this is the Professional Promise you can count on. You get on the Table, feel like a man, get up and off, then want to come back for more.

I like my Man Satisfied.

Small men are hot to carry. Big Guys are hot to challenge me during male massage sessions.

I can cradle you without effort, holding you against my strong body while I work out all the tension from your back, your glutes, legs, feet and arms.

I can then roll you on top of me and run my hands up your scalp, peeling off layers of tension and touching nerves to send shivers of pleasure up and down your spine.

So make the call.
Come on over.

Email him now or call (917) 482-9437