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**Thank you to everyone who helped me win and help me still be one of the best in the world.. I look forward to providing continuing excellent service to you and new friends***

Wow. Been at this a while. Amazing what learning respect for yourself and others can do. Being a Muscular Giant Helps Too. Add 7 years of Massage Practice with focus on men, more than 50 m4m reviews for Confidence, Control and Sensitivity to Top it all Off.

When you choose me, this is the Professional Promise you can count on. You get on the Table, feel like a man, get off and want to come back for more.

I like my Man Satisfied.

6'6'', 260 lbs, 51" chest, 20 arms, 36 waist, gay, Top 5 Bodybuilding Competitor and getting ready for my next contest.

Small men are hot to carry. Big Guys are hot to challenge me during male massage sessions.

I can cradle you without effort, holding you against my strong body while I work out all the tension from your back, your glutes, legs, feet and arms.

I can then roll you on top of me and run my hands up your scalp, peeling off layers of tension and touching nerves to send shivers of pleasure up and down your spine.

So make the call.
Come on over.

Email him now or call (917) 482-9437