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ring me your hurt
Bring me your pain
Bring toxic stress
Cause I am trained

To rest your mind
heal and restore
Peace U will find
so don't ignore

I am number one
because I know how
to expertly make
you feel better now The Reason I Make a Difference:

My 30 years of playing the piano strengthened, conditioned and developed my hands to provide your massage with a rare dimension of soothing touch, no one can mimic, duplicate, or substitute. Believe me, they try.

I began taking lessons at 5, on through elementary, middle and high school, college and played professionally for a decade.

Expect to be impressed by my 'pianissimo' or my 'fortissimo' touch. I am not grand standing (bragging is a huge turn off for me). I am merely stating fact.

You will experience a gentle rhythm (like soft music) from my fingers, that awakens your senses with comfort, that cascades into a calm refreshment though out your physique.

Make no mistake, I combine my creative energy with science and my education in massage for your benefit. I put my sincerity, sensitivity and passion to help others in every sessionI AM PROUD TO SAY THAT:

1. My talent as a LMT (licensed) has inspired at least 8 clients (that I know of) to go to school and get their massage license.

2. I only offer 3 sessions a day, to make sure each client gets the absolute best service I can provide.

3. I do not offer an incentive for men to write reviews online about me.

4. I championed (overcame) online cyber abuse, gang stalking and identity theft with felonious defamation of character and on Feb 12th of this year, was vetted personally by Wake County Justice Department. 😁😇😆

5. Massage is a calling and literally chose me, I am not in it for the revenue. I am also a published songwriter, and record label recording artist working on my 2nd studio CD release. My music was on national radio this December and last summer.

6. I have a heart for the broken, the hurting, the forgotten, the neglected, the overlooked, the made fun of, the obese, the outcast, the picked on, the lonely, and the closeted.

7. I am 110% pink card carrying gay man - not once in my career has a straight man had a problem with my energy. I specialize in helping bi, married, transgender, closeted and curious feel better. No risk and absolute discretion SPECIAL ANNOUNCEMENTIf you have tried to contact me before and could not reach me, please forgive me and try again. Also, do not be surprised if I ask you to call me before releasing my location. Verification is protection and I am wise now with zero tolerance to any form of shadiness. ThanksThe ATTITUDE ADJUSTMENT HOUR - Affectionate, nurturing soothing caress that takes you somewhere else while on my table. Trained to defeat your stress.
$80 (hour)

The DISTRESS RECESS 90 minute Session - is the ultimate relaxing journey of sensory over board with soothing sensations.

This massage targets Ur body type with specific needs. Expect , nurturing, affection and a wellness enhancing, mood elevating treatment.
$ 100 (90 minutesPrivate Home Practice conveniently located 2 blocks south Of Rex Hospital off Lake Boone Trail

Phone calls take precedence over emails and sometimes keep me so busy I don't get to email for a day or two.

Email him now or call (919) 792-8797