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raditional Tantric bodyworker HOSTING in Guttenberg, NJ in Hudson County.

I have over 4 years of professional experience helping experienced and inexperienced, younger and older, gay, straight and bi men to relax, relieve stress, eleviate muscular pain and balance the body's energy.

By fusing Eastern energywork and Western therapeutic massage modalities, I have crafted a bodywork method designed to improve mobility, flexibility, muscle pain and posture while simultaneously unblocking and redirecting the bodies life-force energy.

To be clear, my treatments are strictly designed to relax limbs, NOT loins. Please expect your time to be fullfilled with meaningful resolution as it relates to your personal injury pattern and postural correctness.

There is the option of both table work as well as utilizing the floor (which is more in the bain of what you would experience with Thia massage). Utimately, you will notice an improvement in muscle imbalance, an increase in flexibility and range of motion, along with eliminating tension and pain.

Every one can benifit from my services. Whether your daily activities consists of constant/repetitive movement or sitting/driving for long periods of time, what im offering can and will improve your quaility of living.

My work space is fully equipped with the necessary tools to execute treament both adequately and appropriately. My day time hours are rather flexible.

Please feel free to reach out to me for further information about scheduling and rate packages.

Email him now or call (646) 844-4754