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ello. I hope that you are looking for a REAL masseur that is precise with strong hands! I'm a professional LMT with over 4 years experience and over 500 hours training. I approach massage as an energy connection between myself and my client. I'm gay and i provide private male to male gay massage . I try to make every client feel comfortable and relaxed with a warm inviting space. I work the full body with concentration on the areas that are most in need of stress and tension reduction.Come in, get on my massage table and let me take you to your special place!!! My massage is a highly physical experience designed to take you to a relaxed state of bliss and stimulation.

I work out 6 times a week. I keep my body looking good for myself, but I also do it for you. I do lost of cardio, so I have excessive stamina.

Do you have any stress in your life? Of course, we all do. Book an appointment with me and forget about your stressors for 30, 60, 90 or even 120 minutes. Even after you leave my table, and go back to your daily life, you'll feel less stressed. And when the stress comes back, just close your eyes and think of the time you spent on my table. I guarantee you'll be stress free for a few more moments.

My massages are all about you. My big, strong hands will take care of you. I want you to leave feeling very satisfied and wanting to return again soon.

Email him now or call (347) 447-3048