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'm Fab and I'm new in the city. I am Italian and as you can see I have worked body. I feel proud of my body and I likeshow off.
My photos are real, current and I am.
If you want more information send me a text to my cell phone. It is better than email.
I am available in New York for a limited time.
I ask you to give me the opportunity to know me and see the Italian power.
I assure you that I recommend and will be a regular customer.

I think the point at is the energy is that sends. Therefore, my goal is to transmit the necessary energy so that the patient can balance the forces and achieve relaxation.
This is accomplished with great concentration and has taken me a long time to balance it. I need all possible patient welcome to manage my energy in full.
The force I convey with my muscles. Energy with my abdominals and relaxing with my mind. It is a work in body and soul and this is why I need the greater receptivity of the patient. For them, it must come to the total delivery. And of course clean in body and soul.

Email him now or call (718) 915-4202