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he nice experience will start with soft body rub then.. Getting to medium pressure Depends how do you prefer . I love to do male massage, if you need help with your diet, o a new routine for workout I can help u out .. I will use a nice lotion o body oil to make the session comfortable ... Nice relaxing Music aromatic candles, etc . We can workout in a table o in bed just let me know your preference please, so any question feel free to ask me thank you :)
Btw I have a collection of exotic and relaxing fragrance and oils from Brasil and Peru I will share to you to make the session more personal and then I will use your favorite for the next session, so I hope you like the Idea :)
Im doing more exercises and yoga plus drinking alot of water and I'm getting good results on my self so I think can be a great combo to do this things plus the body rub .

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