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rofile pic, is of "son" The rest would be of me. Ask for more pics of both of us. We are ready for sessions seven days a week

U r magic, man, words I heard yesterday from a "client" My clients quickly become friends though, and most return, sometimes often. And the session is worth what you feel it is worth only. Nothing more. It could be gents that this is the best deal on the site. So pull out your instrument and ring me Available noon to midnight, eight days a week

Also have 28 year old lad/son who works with me in four handed gems. Please inquire if interested!!!

Men, I often hear the words " OH GOD", from many of you. It appeared to me that you were enjoying a moment like none other, but please be advised, you were not in church!!! Nor am I a man of the cloth

Here are a few comical dos and don't for you to ponder, chuckle at, as well as bring you to my table. It awaits you as do I. Or myself with a son!

1 Thou shalt ALWAYS shower before a session and cleanse EVERYWHERE

2 Thou shall NOT be stingy. Remember frugal ness in this instance is NOT a virtue.

3 Thou shall read my testimonials, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!

4 Thou shall check my photos, so as to see some of my BETTER features.

5 Sorry but restricted numbers no longer will be accepted.

Thou shall understand that although there is humor in this I REALLY do mean it!!!

So men, treat yourself to a session with myself alone or my four handed offering.

Email him now or call (772) 209-0455