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k guys, for April, it is have it your way. And by that I mean the session, will be yours to dictate, as well as the "gratuity" left. My sessions, which I now call events, are like none other. But I am adaptable, very much so. So, ask and ye shall receive. A touch more erotic, say the word, more deep tissue and therapeutic, you got it. All I ask is you let me know. And the donation is just that, donation. leave what you are comfortable leaving. And of course my friends, no figure is to LARGE!

My clients sometimes will ""rat" on my competition, here in Providence, found on other sites. I am told I am in another league That does make me happy, as I will go the extra mile for you men, in fact two miles. Ask gents and ye shall receive.

Please read the commandments, testimonials, gratuity list, and view the pictures of me. You will know EVERYTHING, you need to concerning your upcoming "event" Then either ring me, or if you must, text!

I often hear the words " OH GOD", from many of you. It appeared to me that you were enjoying a moment like none other, but please be advised, you were not in church!!! Nor am I a man of the c

Gents in the Rhode Island area, here on business, I was made for you. In all ways!! Allow me to introduce you to a touch of erotic nirvana. Relax and experience guilt free escapades

Body beautiful I ain't. Body very very nice, that's me Youthful hunk, no way, aged to semi perfection, now ya talkin' . So many amazing guys body and look wise on this site, why choose me??? Read on my friend, simply read on

I have been doing these masterpieces for 42 months and gents I am good!! Please expect your world to be tipped upside down. Act accordingly please Also what happens in Vegas....., the same holds true here!

Here are a few comical dos and don't for you to ponder, chuckle at, as well as bring you to my table. It awaits you as do I.

1 Thou shalt ALWAYS shower before a session and cleanse EVERWHERE

2 Read the section on rates please, and act accordingly. Suggested amounts are just that, suggestions. Erotic massage is my love, I am quite good. Gratuity should be appropriate
3 Thou shall NOT be stingy. Remember frugalness in this instance is NOT a virtue.

4 Thou shall read my testimonials, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!

5 Thou shall leave a testimonial

6 Thou shall check my photos, so as to see some of my BETTER features

7 Restricted numbers, please leave contact information, or I shall NOT take you seriously.

8 Thou shall understand that although there is humor in this I REALLY do mean it!!!

So men, treat yourself to a session with me, even if you are straight this gay male with rock your world.

Email him now or call (772) 209-0455