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et An Amazing Massage unlike any other you have received before by a well built, licensed therapist who has the energy to give you what you are longing for!

Why come to me? I am trained, truly licensed, which means I can give you more than a "so-so" rub down. I have a laid back demeanor, and will listen to your body with my intuition and through my touch.

I believe a massage is best when done slowly, and as deep or as light as you like. I do warm up the muscles first before "digging in" and always check in with you to make sure the pressure is appropriate!

I work on a very comfortable, extra wide Earthlite table and use Soothing Touch lotion and/or oil - both are unscented.

I am an avid gym goer and have a lean muscular physique. I work on gay and bisexual men from all walks of life, who come in all shapes and colors.

Don't be shy! Call or text me now to schedule an amazing M4M massage today!

Gated Guest Garage
Bottled Water
Soothing Music
Heated Table

I bring my travel table, sheets, lotion/oil and music to all outcall appointments!

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I look forward to working on you soon -Grant

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