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ensual as in: relating to or consisting in the gratification of the senses. These senses are the faculties of sight, smell, hearing, and touch. I will engage all of these through subtle means that directly affect your awareness, and cause both a physical and emotional experience as the mind is seduced and thus the body into relaxation and healing.

The healing power of massage is ever present, and all massage has sensual qualities. Touch is after all a very intimate sense. It is very personal.

Massage for men will bring your body to a source of satisfaction through the art of touch. Gratify your innate or inborn natural need for touch.

My technique encompasses classic, sports, medium/deep tissue massage given in a rejuvenating way that initiates a loss of tension in your body as your muscles begin to cease to contract, loosening and slackening your body and perhaps tightly wound mind.

All your senses will be charmed. While on my custom built table binaural music which stimulates your brain by sending special auditory beats directly to it is felt and heard.
My studio is warm and inviting, candles or incense mix with the warm air.

There have been many changes on this site, but guys it's the same great service at my studio. All my sessions are a mix of healing, relaxation, pleasure and tactile rejuvenation.

Sens ual massage is in my view about presenting all your senses with a pleasing and fun respite.

One last word...men if you contact me keep the emails and texts free of any reference to illegal activity, otherwise you give me no choice but to ream you out and not in a good way.
If you are tone deaf to adult situations and you are wondering if we are on the same page have faith and keep it clean till we meet.

Email him now or call (570) 954-7061