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am a Thai Bodywork practitioner, and my only mission is to restore mobility, flexibility and strengthen the body.
I strive to help you heal mentally and physically, so that we can accomplish better mobility, flexibility and physicality throughout your body, whether it’s through dance and/or through bodywork techniques, coaching, and training. I thoroughly enjoy the challenge of working on the male physique and catering to each individual body differently and personalizing each experience while maintaining stability in my own body's mechanics. This is not a massage, it is an experience and an exploration to achieve better recovery of your health, both mind and body to bring you better balance within yourself. I am an explorer and love helping and healing others and always I working on sharpening my skills and techniques with M4M bodywork so you feel.
I welcome males, females and couples to inquire about my services offered, everyone deserves a great treatment and an amazing experience.
If you're ready to book an appointment, I welcome you to Text or Email and please provide Name, Description, Date and Time. Please NO vague messages.

Email him now or call (312) 316-7972