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’ve studied the ancient and rejuvenating Taoist art of Sensual Qi Gong. I will awaken your masculine energy – or “chi” – and then circulate it through your entire body for maximum physical, emotional and spiritual benefit.

This unique man-to-man massage releases tension, optimizes male health and vitality, and teaches you techniques to conserve and transform your masculine energy into a vital life force that can unlock creativity, release emotional blockages, and help you achieve the highest levels of transcendence.

This 120-minute session begins with a 15-minute hands-on explanation about the basics of Qi Gong and how your body generates and circulates energy. Then we proceed to a 75-minute Thai Floor Massage, performed on a comfortable futon on the floor. Using my hands, elbows and feet, I provide a deep, relaxing muscle massage while also activating pleasure points along the way. This is a great warm-up for the final 30 minutes of stimulating and transformational Qi Gong massage, where all of your energy is directed upward to your brain for a truly cosmic experience.

My charming, clean West Village apartment is conveniently located right near the #1 train station at Christopher Street; and one block from the West 4th Street subway station.

I use the highest grade, organic extra-virgin coconut oil. (If I wouldn't put it in my mouth, I wouldn't put it on your body!) Warm candles and cool music complete the exotic and comfortable atmosphere. There is a shower available for pre or post massage.

• Couples welcome
• Discounts for students, police, fire, military, SAG/Equity/AGMA


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SEPTEMBER 6 - 27 - I return to work after Labor Day, and will only have limited daytime appointments

SEPTEMBER 28- NOVEMBER 7 - I will have lots of daytime availability.

[NYC ONLY] ADD AN EXTRA PAIR OF HANDS FOR $100. I have a partner who can join the massage for the final hour, doubling the pleasure for a truly amazing experience.

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