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pen yourself to receive positive energy through my hands-on talents, skills and 13 years of education and experience based on ancient and contemporary full-body healing and relaxation techniques for men. Become more grounded, stay with your experience, and enjoy complete physical refreshment. Allow yourself to come back into your body through my unique, soulful, m4m touch. I welcome and thank you for your reviews.

Our sessions together combine techniques I have learned over the past 13 years through participation in and facilitation of bodywork and energy healing intensives, workshops, classes, and sessions including:
-The Body Electric School of California
-Energy visionary Dominique Sire of California and New Mexico
-Men's nude yoga instructor Bill Hufschmidt of Atlanta
-Doctor of Chiropractice/Doctor of Homeopathic Medicine Leon Lashner of Atlanta

Email him now or call (615) 788-2400