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he kind of massage that I give is rather different than your typical massage. Sometimes therapist are more concerned about just getting the massage over with that they do not really focus on the person receiving the massage. With my massage it is all about you and what needs to be done to improve your overall benefits from the massage. My massage is a unique blend of Trigger Point, Deep Tissue and Swedish massage techniques that are work wonders for working out that daily stress and tension that we all have. My massage is very detail oriented and based upon your needs as the client. Every massage is taken seriously and I will focus directly on you. Also please know that I work for pay, but if at anytime you really need a massage and cannot pay for it please inform me of the situation and we can work something out. For everyone needs a massage. I am very understanding so please do not hesitate to contact me regardless of your situation. Please do not take advantage of this act of kindness. I travel to all the DFW cities.

Email him now or call (214) 457-5095