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'm an Openly Gay Massage Therapist specializing in M4M Relaxation Massages. I do a combination of Deep Tissue / Therapeutic Male Massage with a relaxation touch mixed in. Therapy includes Trigger Point and Stretching to take care of any issues with your Shoulders, Lower Back and Sciatic Issues. The Massage is completely Tailored to Y Needs.

I travel full time, but when in Phoenix I work out of my apartment located in Central Phoenix near 16th St & Osborn Rd. There is parking and shower available. I have my table setup with clean sheets, nice soft music and Salt Lamp to create a nice relaxing atmosphere. I do travel a lot though, so keep an eye on my travel schedule or check out my website, I have my full travel schedule there as well. When traveling, I do work out of my hotel room, and have my Table setup with clean sheets, soft music and salt lamp to create the best and relaxing atmosphere that I can for your comfort. See my website for full rates for extended hours, extended sessions and out calls.

For Out Calls, it is up to you if I bring my Table with me, if I do, I will bring Sheets and Music for your comfort, if you would prefer more discretion just let me know, I will just bring my Lotion and we can use your furniture.

Contact me today to schedule your Massage Appointment.

Email him now or call (480) 518-2090