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ince I was young I have always been attracted to touch and physical closeness, the warmth of skin on skin and the comfort of that connection. When I began studying and practicing massage more seriously, I knew immediately that my body and soul were made for this! The feeling of energy concentrating in my hands and the power they have to press and fold and manipulate another body, reaching deep into the muscles or lightly caressing the surface of the skin, it's an electric magical feeling, both meditative and exciting! I love tuning in to each individual's needs and sensitivities and finding the right points and pressures to achieve the utmost healing and release of tension. There's nothing more satisfying than that ooh ahh of hitting the right spot!

I also believe all people, at any age or physical state, deserve and need to experience this kind of personal connection, intimacy and touch that comes from a place of love. It is the beauty of being alive that we can interact physically with each other, truly feel our bodies, breathe together, reawaken skin and spirit. I am a deeply spiritual person, and I believe the physical connection of massage is just one part of a greater sharing of energy that happens when we enter into space of meditation and stillness and healing. Over the years I have worked on men and women, friends, family and strangers, but I find there is something especially beautiful and gratifying about offering male touch as a gay man to other gay men. In this wild world, of course we have to stick together and support each other, but I am also acutely aware of the struggles so many of us have faced in finding our identities. So much of our shared history is shrouded in secrecy, trauma and self-loathing, and we could all use a little empathy and healing! I also believe this format is a powerful opportunity for building inter-generational relationships and community, something that may have existed in gay subcultures during other times, but which is sorely lacking in our modern world.

A massage session with me will never be hasty or overly mechanical. As I am contacting your skin and searching for trigger points and tender areas, I am also contacting your energy and searching for stagnated flows or blockages. I work to awaken each of your chakras, opening you up from root to crown, restoring balance and alignment and flow, so you can truly enjoy and benefit from the full extent of the experience. I put a considerable focus on opening the heart, our center of compassion and unconditional love. By sharing my heart with you, my hope is that you will pass on that higher vibration to all those you come into contact with, even subconsciously, and together we can heal this whole planet!

My massage space is very zen, lush with plants and clean oxygen, Buddha smiling to greet you as you enter. You will feel completely warm and at ease. Clean sheets and fresh towels are available, and you are free to shower before or after the session. My techniques are pooled from several areas of bodywork, including Thai massage and foot reflexology, which I first practiced while living in Thailand two summers ago. I usually begin a massage with a general assessment of the body, then I work to move stuck energy out through the extremities and to push a positive healing energy up through the feet, into the legs and back and finally out through the top of your head, incorporating stretching and deep body pressure throughout. I treat each individual massage as a conversation, so each move I make will be determined by your subtle responses, moments of tension or release you may not even be consciously aware of. I will follow the flow of each moment into the next, leading you along into weightless relaxation.

After our session, you should feel unwound, aligned and relaxed as well as stimulated and reinvigorated. My massage is very unique and active, and I put a lot of physical and spiritual effort into it, as well as a lot of love. I do not practice a simple repetitive stroking of your limbs with oil, but rather hope to achieve an evolving exploration, healing and awakening your entire being. Most importantly of all, as long as you are with me, you will be attended to with utmost care, and you will be loved fully as you are:)

The love and light in me bows to the love and light in you!

Oh, also! Texting works very best to contact me, and phone calls are second best. I don't check my email very often so please by phone if possible! Thank you, and I'm looking forward to connecting!


UPDATE: I completed my Thai bodywork training in Chicago just before moving to NY, so I'm fully competent but also constantly learning new techniques from other modalities. I love to practice all different styles (including deep tissue, sensitive touch, pressure point and reflexology) so I'm happy to cater each session to an individual's interests and unique physical needs. I can assure you that the bodywork I offer is something special and powerful, probably unlike any other purely Thai or western style massage you've had before. If you are unfamiliar with or unsure about Thai bodywork, I promise you don't have to be flexible or good at yoga to receive it, but it does have the power to correct the causes of pain and open your body into its healthiest state of balance and alignment! Let's give it a whirl:D

SESSIONS: I recommend at least booking a 90 minute session in order to experience the full array of techniques and to best sink into a fully relaxed state, and so that we can work deeply and effectively on each area of the body as opposed to a more general/superficial treatment.

**I also now offer 2 hour or 3.5 hour sessions, which are more closely related to a traditional Thai medicine experience which is absolutely unreal! So much can be released and awakened with long-durational bodywork. You won't be able to pick yourself up off the mat by the end! We would begin one of these sessions by sharing some hot tea and discussing any areas where you may have particular pain or tension, and these longer sessions may also include oil massage and other special treatments, including Thai herbal compress. This is meant to be a mini-retreat for your body, soul and entire being, so feel free to ask any questions or make any special requests in order to make this exactly the escape you need!

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