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have a very comfortable custom massage table to work you on. You will get complimentary bottled water and a hot towel for your face when we work the front. I have a sheet to create a barrier between the two of us or we can be all-natural. I use a combination of organic lotions and oils to lubricate the surface. My bodywork incorporates a multitude of pressure and modalities that blend into a unique experience. The sensation is obviously different than that of a physical therapist or strip mall masseur; It's in a whole different league. I am very strong and very flexible. I can massage you from your toes to your fingertips in one single stroke. When you return for your second, third, fourth (and so on) massage, you will notice that some things are always mixed up. You can always give requests and direction to me, as I am easy to communicate with. The massage can be as relaxed or as intense as you want it to be, depending on your goals. Relaxation massages are better for relieving stress and my intense massages are known to have magic healing properties. Get one at your own risk. I'm kidding!

Email him now or call (813) 764-5357