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nter into a healing and relaxing state with my deep and refreshing massage. Have you been injured and have chronic pain or discomfort? Perhaps you have an acute you want to help speed along healing. My massage is one that not only focuses on relaxing the whole body to encourage healing but uses specific energy work and massage to stimulate your body's own healing powers.

In addition to specific healing practices, my massage leaves you feeling refreshed and awake. It is an experience that awakes the senses and leaves the body ready to take on any obstacles that may come your way. Through both deep tissue massage and swedish style strokes, my massage awakens your skin and muscles leaving you refreshed rather than depleted.

I use clear communication to establish boundaries and discuss specific issues in your body. Please come in to my massage open and willing to talk about your specific needs and wants. My priority is to give my clients s safe, healing and relaxing experience, one that will be remembered.

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