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started doing massage in 1986. After 5 years I decided I needed to be Certified so I went to Body Electric School of Massage in Berkeley, CA, which has a mostly gay students. I now have 27 years of experience and love doing this work. I like massage and I also love the men I've met, each unique in his own way. More and more as time has passed, I find that married and bisexual men are becoming the bulk of my customers. It provides them a safe, convenient outlet for experiencing their m4m urges, to not be judged, and to be able to talk naturally about things they don't feel like talking about otherwise. I somehow never expected that. I think the men I've met through massage have been much high caliber than most of the men I've met in my personal life: more intelligent, more dependable, more likely to develop into a casual friendship. Some of my customers I've had for over 20 years; how could I not form a friendship?

I have wonderful warm hands that immediately communicate that I know what I'm doing. My work is slow--relax, there's no hurry. Often the guy on the table is drifting just above sleep, a little nod here and there and then he's back. I've had people tell me that though I use a firm pressure, the way I do it it doesn't hurt. I work very slowly, I feel beneath the skin and I zero in on areas that need more pressure. Sometimes, if the client wants it, I get into doing butt or prostate massage, again, slowly and gently, never beyond peoples' limits.

When I massage I like to play with the music. (I know, this sounds pretentious.) I take in the rhythms of the music and I allow them to flow through me into my hands. It's not choreography, it's just listening and responding at the same time responding to the condition of the body.

As I move through the massage I build toward conclusion, first with hints, then suggestions, brief explorations that create anticipation. All this is done, of course with my hands and more than this you will just have to experience for yourself.

I'm an easygoing comfortable guy. I joke around a lot; I'm intelligent and have a serious side too. I'm affectionate and cuddly and usually have a warm smile on my face.

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