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4M Massage:

Check out my websites: bodyworkbybryan.com and

I have added New M4M Massage sessions:

M4M Zone Massage: The idea is to bring you to a higher level using my talent of light simulating touch. Exploring the levels of touch and awakening your senses throughout the entire body. Together feeling the intimacy of MAN to MAN energy. Medium to light touch for the session is recommended.

• Light touch M4M Massage: This is for the man who likes light touch only. Relaxing and stimulating it encompass only using light touch used throughout the entire body.

• Gay Couples Massage: Couples, You can experience a wonderful massage session together. One of you relaxes on the bed while I massage your partner into complete bliss. When it’s time to finish the session the other partner helps me in a 4 hand finish. Then it’s the other partner’s turn. I have many couples who love this massage session.

• M4M Zone Massage: This massage focuses of the sensual areas, It's all in the techniques! Please see www.bodyworkbybryan.com for details.

• Master Bondage Massage: Many of my current clients love this session. If you have wanted to experience bondage in a safe enviroment I can provide a great session for you. I am the Master dressed in leather greeting you at the door. I use the massage table as well as restraints, rope and toys during the massage. You are both on your back and stomach during the massage. Please see my website www.bodyworkbybryan.com for details.


* Full Legs ($35)
* Chest ($35)
* Back ($35)
* Arms ($20)
* Just the Butt (or Just Up Front Trimming) ($45)
* Classic Manscaping (Full Body Trimming from neck to toes to bring out the natural contours of your body. This is a painless procedure that creates a leaner, tighter appearance.) ($80)
* The Adonis( Full Body Trimming from neck to toes INCLUDING Shaving Private Ryan) ($135)

ENVIRONMENT-- The massage is performed in a very relaxing, comfortable and warm environment. I use candles and soothing music to help calm and relax you for your pleasure. I am very easy going and friendly so please feel free to use your time to express your thoughts. I ask that you be very honest about your experience and let me know when the pressure is not as you prefer. I am here to give you the best massage experience possible! I welcome all men straight, bi or gay. I truly love my work and you can feel that throughout the session. I massage from my heart and I put a tremendous amount of effort into each session. ALWAYS DISCREET! Call me at 773-294-3031 or email me at bbodyworks@gmail.com

Check out my websites: bodyworkbybryan.com and

Email him now or call (773) 294-3031