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ow Offering 2 and 4 hand massages!!! Tired of masseurs who don't live up to your high standards! Maybe your tired of jumping from massuer to massuer. Well look no further you Have found your match. Long stressful work days along with everything else society has to offer can cause a lot of stress and tension build up. Massages are becoming more of a necessity then a want. Why not enjoy a great massage with, a nice ambiance and a even nicer looking massuer! Once you arrive you will be greeted by a welcoming hospitable gentlemen or two, "your preference". During your massage I will address your whole body, working my way around pin pointing your troubled areas. My main Focus is on difficult areas such as knots and tense muscles, with powerful strong hands to help release that stress. Applying just the right amount of pressure with deep Strokes loosening and replenishing those muscles is the key. Let your body tell me a story.

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