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try to use the "Available NOW" flag on here when Im not busy, to help my clients know when Im not booked.

Please "CALL" me to book as I take those first and thus if Im busy will not get to your other forms of contact like e-mails until its too late.

Im usually available for Out Calls to come to your home or hotel. Im able to do some In Calls here, but I do not book In Calls in advance as I never know in advance when my roommate is in town. I only do In Calls when it is Quite here!

Im back doing massage 9am - 7pm, after a 9 month break. Being away from massage for the last nine months to let a tendon heal, I realized I missed the people I meet over the years. I will focus on out calls for business travelers to their hotels and some of my local regulars, as that was the main source of my business in the past and do a few in calls here and there when I can. For you guys who never had a massage with me, I do a relaxing but effective massage using my many years of experience and I have a doctorate in anatomy and physiology that comes in handy. My technique is to palpate your muscles, ligaments and tendons feeling for a difference in balance and firmness. Your body will tell me something is wrong and where by causing a muscle spasm and edema. Although it maybe so slight you don't notice it, I can feel it. From there I massage the involved structures until they reach a balanced, relaxed state. This will flush out any built up bio waste such as lactic acid, etc. causing the body to return to a healthy state. I know this all sounds technical and painful, but it feels quit good and last. After driving, flying and sitting for long hours at a desk, I now know why some of you guys need a massage on such a regular basis. For you weekend warriors who do sports and work in the yard, I also incorporate sports massage, ( muscle balancing through PNF style stretching). Call me and give me a try, you don't have anything to loose but stress and tension.

Email him now or call