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require New Clients to call me to book for the first time. Returning clients, ( save in my phone ) may book via text message. I understand you wanting discretion, this is why I will never call or text you.

Best massage in town due to knowledge, ( Degree in Anatomy & Physiology), Experience, ( working for sports injury clinics for 19 years and just desire, ( I love helping people feel better).

Im a strong man thus no lotion spreader here. I have done massage in NORTH TEXAS and on the road for many years full time and you won't be disappointed! I have done 25+ massages a week for the past 19 years and take very good care of my self by eatting right, and exercising to stay in shape, because massage is very physical if your doing it right. I have practiced yoga and martial arts most of my life. Im very hygiene conscious as I hope you are too. Give me a call, text, or e-mail to set up your next massage:) Please read my reviews because they are real unlike some on here. Call, text, fb message, Skype, email me with your questions and concerns, I would be glad to talk with you;) I don't book far in advance because those are the ones that cancel or no show after they try to be your pen pal for a week or two. I also offer Couples Massage and have taught couples to massage each other.
Researchers at McMaster University recently discovered that a massage after a workout decreases recovery time and reduces muscle inflammation. A massage can help an athlete, or anyone trying for a better body, reach their goals faster! This research also has promising implications for sufferers of arthritis and other inflammatory diseases.

It's time to work out. But don't pop an ibuprofen to alleviate lingering soreness from yesterday's workout. You'll not only stall muscle growth by disrupting collagen production but also leave yourself vulnerable to gastrointestinal irritation --cramps, diarrhea, intestinal bleeding, and nausea. The better remedy: a postworkout massage.

I also trade with other massage therapist. So if you are good and would like to trade some time, then contact me.

I barter my service for your: airline buddy passes, rental car valchers, hotel rooms, services, etc. E-mail or text me with what you want to barter for.

Regular massage therapy is much more than a mere luxury or a whimsical extravagance. Rather, it is an investment, an investment in yourself... in your health. Learn why!

Massage therapy is often regarded as an extravagance, a luxury, or an expense awaiting justification. Few actually regard a massage as a viable form of medical treatment. But it is. Massage therapy is actually the simplest and oldest form of medicine. There are references to massage in Chinese medical literature dating back to 2,700 B.C.

All people are welcome no matter gender, gay, straight, race, body type, everyone deserves to experience these hands:)

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