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y room offers towel warmers and a heated table with all heated, non-scented products. I am an avid bodybuilder in amazing shape offering the most amazing m4m massage. I have a way of comforting people .I offer that amazing m4m service I will completely hit on every point . I have strength and stamina, but put down a very blanketed massage with a unique pleasurable pressure that's non painful, but therapeutic at the same time while incorporating my body into every movement creating a unique flow combining many styles at once. I work you completely over in a amazing process . Please no crazy calls or texts it's a m4m massage look at the sites pics enough said;)

My personality and tact are hard to match. I have a great sense of humor. I'm definitely the guy to go to if you're worried about being nervous . I am licensed, so I combine an actual beneficial massage with the sensual aspect.I specialize in 20 forms of massage. I have lived a lot of life and lived in many places in many cultures, and I assure you that this is going to be the best massage you've ever had. I am neat and clean and always well groomed. Showers are available, with clean linens always.

I want this paragraph to be read as clear as possible READ CLEARLY I have absolutely no tolerance for non-punctuality or being late I a lot everyone 15 minutes to be here and run late anything later and I cancel the appointment an book in something sure. I hear many people complain about how there are horrible massage therapist and they're not considerate and they have the hardest time finding someone who's top-quality. You cannot walk through a Messrs. door and put him in a horrible place mentally well he's been waiting on you to do a very hard Massage and expect him to be in a good mood and less you are one willing to compensate him for the time that you were late or two if your going to be outrageously late call an rebook a few hours ahead not after the fact. So I will rewrite one more time I am an absolute asshole about timing I do what I say when I'm saying and I expect other people to do the same.

This is a service and I very much run this like a business and am punctual and always on time. I expect the same. I am very busy so when you are late then my schedule gets backed up I am that busy. I have to be in a good mood to do a good massage ;) I have a very flexible schedule and prefer that ppl pick a time frame 24-48 hours ahead of time when its a absolute serious consideration and I will let you know of which times you give me that I can commit too. So when you call me please be prepared on days and times that you are interested.

I am very straight forward an confident please don't confuse for cocky ness. I am one of the few actual guys that match there photos an am handsome but I am not a ass. My house is exactly 35 min west of boston. Most my clients from boston say its easier and less hassle to come to my place because it's right off the highway. The parking an things make it very easy.

It's not worth going to a masseur an waste your money just because there 15 min closer. With me you see my references, pics an effort into my profile so it's a sure shot situation. I believe in repore building. I offer personal training, meal plan an nutritional advice. I help completely rebuild ppl in every way my reference s will back everything I say.

Email him now or call (865) 441-0068