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ello All Are Welcome:

Note due to the publicizing of our Personal Cell Numbers, Please use text to contact me, so that I know it is a possible client and not a Corporation selling me product or services.

To Clarify on My Rates: I have 2 prices for In Call and Out Call, 1st time rates are the lower rates which may be adjusted dependent upon various factors. Please inquire so there will be no mis-understandings. I do want you to leave happy!
(You will need to give me a 2 hour window for any discounted rates/per your request).

If you go to my website, there you will find a specialize technique I call Temporic Massage. This is my own developed form of massage I have honed for the last 10 years or so becoming a skilled practitioner of Massage. It is a tempo based massage utilizing various music to move along the body applying the various strokes learned in school in a way that is not sterile or clinical. Dependent upon it being a light or deep tissue session, the intensity of this mode is reflective. I hope to see you soon!


If you are looking for the Guy who provides a sincere, therapeutic, and yet relaxing massage that is intuitive and knowledgeable, I am that Guy!

I have created over the number of years I have been a licensed masseur, to develop my own technique I call, "Temporic Massage". I pattern my massage based upon the music used during the massage session. This is added to known forms of massage such as; Swedish, Deep Tissue, Myofacial release, and some body stretching if needed.

This Ad, shows to you the Professionalism, care, and authentic experience my clients receive from me. I hope this allows you to feel comfortable with me as your masseur. I am Looking forward to allowing my 16 years of applied knowledge and sincerity to provide you with one of the best massages you have experienced.

I have chosen to do massage, because I personally know the benefits it offers! I also understand your choice in choosing a male therapist. I am a masculine male, who does appreciate and care about his clients, as long as you are seeking A Great Pair of Hands.

Rates Can Vary dependent on how much work may be required for your massage - the ranges are listed under my rates. If you do need a lower rate note: the least I will do for a massage is 60.00/hr which will entail a Swedish type massage only with some trigger point or deep tissue to troubled areas of your body.



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